Visual Arts

“There’s no must in art, because art is free” – Wassily Kandinsky

Our Visual Arts program prepares students by providing a strong background in art application, art criticism, art history, and art theory under many art forms such as drawing, crafts, painting, sculpture and printmaking. We believe art education shapes cultural awareness and provides students with a positive outlet for self-expression, as well as encouraging creative and critical thinking-values that currently cannot be underestimated

In the Visual Arts studio, students are encouraged to:

  • ask questions and seek personal solutions
  • generate a large number of ideas or solutions to questions or problems
  • provide unusual or unique responses
  • be persistent in their visual pursuits
  • take risks and be adventurous
  • imagine and wonder out loud
  • manipulate ideas, change, elaborate, adapt, improve, or modify them
  • be sensitive to aesthetics
  • constructively criticize.

Throughout the program, students engage in various forms of communication, utilizing a rich art vocabulary and a variety of techniques and skills. We also offer young children opportunities to experiment with and develop skills in using a variety of materials to create visual images and, encourage them to apply their visual understandings across the curriculum as well. We also share an insight into the enormous body of visual work that has been created throughout the centuries, from early cave paintings to the present. To enhance the knowledge of other artists, we create “Artist of the month” board for the students in which we share a short bio, famous artworks and quote of the artist.

We believe studio environment is one of the most important factors affecting student learning. The Visual Arts Studio is designed according to the students’ needs and is equipped with wooden easel stands, donkey benches, drying racks, display boards, movable storage for keeping art material. Students can also access the art space outside the class so to study the nature with the natural light.