Step out of traditional learning for a broader view of life, equipping students for University and beyond

The Diploma Programme is for students in the final two years of school (Grade 11 & 12). Students study subjects covered in a traditional, broad curriculum, including languages, social sciences, experimental sciences, mathematics and the arts. Students must choose one subject from each of the Six Groups (1 to 6) to ensure the programme gives them breadth of understanding. The programme helps students to flourish physically, intellectually, emotionally and ethically.

Distinctive Features

Diploma Programme takes the curriculum a step further through three unique programs. This trio makes up the heart of Diploma Programme and offers students rigorous and challenging ways of thinking, articulating and acting on their knowledge and beliefs.

Theory of Knowledge

A unique to the programme interdisciplinary requirement that encourages student reflection.

Creativity, Activity, Service

A platform for interpersonal exchange, personal growth & understanding of global issues.

Extended Essay

Students pursue a research question with well-reasoned arguments that reflect rigour of the program.