The IB Middle Years Programme (Grades 6–10) bridges the Primary Years Programme (Grades 1–5) and the Diploma Programme (Grades 11–12). The IB Middle Years Programme (MYP) builds on the structured, student-centered foundation laid in PYP. It provides a framework of learning that encourages students to become creative, critical and reflective thinkers. The MYP emphasizes intellectual challenge, encouraging students to make connections between their studies in traditional subjects and the real world. It fosters the development of skills for communication, intercultural understanding and global engagement—essential qualities for young people who shall become global leaders.

In the MYP, students study 8 subject groups, with a minimum of 50 teaching hoursper subject group each year ensuring breadth and depth of understanding. This includes the study of at least two languages to support students in understanding their own cultures and those of others. The MYP covers a study of the major disciplines, including: Language & Literature, Language Acquisition, Individuals & Societies, Sciences, Mathematics, Arts – Visual & Performing, Design technology, and Physical & Health education.

All subjects are criterion related and have strong inter-disciplinary elements. The MYP shapes skills of research expression, presentation and application. Students learn to share experiences, work in teams and transfer knowledge and skills gained in one area to another.

Distinctive features of the MYP:

Teachers use key and related concepts that are big ideas along with global contexts as vehicles for teaching effective learning strategies.

Global contexts provide shared starting points for inquiry into what it means to be internationally minded, framing a curriculum that promotes multilingualism, intercultural understanding and global engagement.

Approaches to teaching and learning, a unifying thread throughout all MYP subject groups, are skills which help students manage their own learning. The focus of approaches to learning in the MYP is on helping students to develop the self-knowledge and skills that encompasses both general and discipline-specific skills.

The personal project, for students completing the programme in year 5, is a culminating experience in which students apply approaches to learning skills to complete an extended, self-directed piece of work. This required component provides opportunities for creative and truly personal demonstrations of learning. MYP projects are informed by respected models of service learning and provide stepping stones toward the Diploma Programme’s core requirements for Creativity, Action and Service (CAS).

MYP – Grade 10 Equivalence
In January 2013, the Association of Indian Universities signed an agreement with the International Baccalaureate to equate the completion of the Middle Years Programme with grade 10 of an Indian board assessment. This agreement now allows students who complete the MYP to apply for admission for higher studies to any school in India.


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K.R. Mangalam Global School is a Candidate School* for the Middle Years Programme. The school is pursuing authorization as an IB World School. These are schools that share a common philosophy—a commitment to high quality, challenging, international education that K.R. Mangalam Global School believes is important for our students.

*Only schools authorized by the IB Organization can offer any of its four academic programmes: the Primary Years Programme (PYP), the Middle Years Programme (MYP), the Diploma Programme, or the Career-related Programme (CP). Candidate status gives no guarantee that authorization will be granted. For further information about the IB and its programmes, visit