Community Action Service

At K.R. Mangalam Global School, we are dedicated to not only imparting our students with academic brilliance but also developing them into empathetic human beings who willingly contribute to making their communities and the world a better place. With this resolve in sight, we have established community services as one of the core aspects of our student enrichment initiative for all age groups from Nursery to Grade XII. As a part of the initiative, our students carry out varied voluntary work in and around the region under the watchful guidance of their mentors.

Human Trafficking Day

DP and MYP students presented a documentary on ‘Human trafficking’ to the whole school community to spread awareness about the global issue while marking the importance of the world human trafficking day. Students reflected on their first CAS experience of the visit to the rehabilitation center while identifying important moments, discussion of possible learning outcomes, recognizing personal growth and achievements, and plan for their next CAS experiences. The MYP/DP students recognized CAS as an enjoyable opportunity to develop personal passions beyond the classroom. They also recognized the benefits of working collaboratively as a team.

Link for Documentary -

Visit to Mukti Ashram

We aim at developing global citizens and leaders through local and global participation. The CAS experience to Mukti Ashram gave individuals an opportunity to explore and work towards their idea, serve, and reflect on the entire process. The NGO visit helped students to identify the social issue, develop awareness and responsibility towards a shared humanity.

CAS Diwali Mela (Fundraiser) – Spreading Smiles

In order to raise funds for the NGO “BachpanBachaoAndolan,” students set up the CAS corner this week by displaying the goods they had been working on all month. The Diwali event became more sparkling and exciting by sharing happiness with the children from BachpanBachaoAndolan, NGO founded by the Nobel Laurette Shri Kailash Satyarthi. The theme of the fund-raising Diwali Mela being organized wass “Spreading Smiles”. This event provided a joyful experience for the NGO children where they enjoyed various games, stalls and performances. DP students also organized the book donation drive for the NGO children which were gives as token of appreciation in the Diwali event.



In the space week, students of MYP and DP gotan opportunity to visit the first ever Indian space conclave organized by Indian space association. Students witnessed the new space technology ecosystem has to offer for their use and growth. The space exhibition also throws a spotlight on the domestic space capabilities and technologies. By attending Indian Space conclave, students become aware of the relentless efforts towards strengthening India’s Space capabilities to become a Global Space Leader.

CAS Activity – Teacher’s Day

Students collaborated and shared their excellent and creative ideas for the teacher’s day. They took this opportunity to work on the creativity strand by preparing tokens (pen stands made out of recycled materials) for teachers. Organized a great and successful event where all the teachersshared moments of joy and laughter by engaging in games like ‘pass the parcel’ and ‘musical chairs.’ They also prepared a funny dance performance.