“A welcoming setting and caring relationships between staff, families and children”

Nothing gives us more pleasure than the happiness of our children. Our commitment is to create a vibrant, welcoming community that encourages our children to grab every opportunity to learn and grow. We want our children to actively shape their world. It is a privilege to witness children’s progress from one stage to the next, and see them becoming more curious and knowledgeable, whilst growing in confidence and developing a sense of independence. When you choose a school you seek the very best for your child – a place for happy, secure and well-rounded individuals learning and discovering themselves and their abilities. We know that every child isn’t necessarily good at everything, but every child is good at something. We find out what this is at KRMGS and encourage our pupils to flourish, achieve, prosper and excel.

Located in the heart of South Delhi at Greater Kailash – 1, N- Block, KRMGS is affiliated to International Baccalaureate (IB). We are an authorized school for Primary Years Programme (Grade 1 to 5) offered by IB and a candidate school for Middle Years Programme (Grade 6 to 10) and Diploma Programme (Grade 11 & 12).

K.R. Mangalam Global School

Chairman’s Perspective

The paradigm shift towards globalization has added a drive to the awesome race for excellence in education. In today’s scenario quality education is not just about obtaining high percentages; it is all about multi-dimensional and multi-faceted growth. The school needs to be a centre where children can widen their horizons.

The need of the hour is to expose students globally, with a strong focus on skill development. They need to be equipped and capable to be a human resource of the nation. Since India harbours a rich culture we need to strike a clear balance between tradition and modern systems.

K.R. Mangalam Global School, GK-I is the amalgamation of right attitudes and right values. Students are impeccably groomed in the impressive institution so that they become a catalyst of growth. Always striving to do better with a firm belief that there are no speed limits on the road to excellence, I wish K.R. Mangalam Global School, Greater Kailash-I a great success and growth.

Perspective Perspective

Suman Sharma

Education is a journey of discovery that lasts a lifetime. When children are very young we want that journey to be full of excitement, challenge, awe and wonder. At K.R. Mangalam Global School , a rich and varied curriculum with a wide variety of activities allows children to explore and to gain an understanding of the world around them whilst at the same time discovering their strengths and weaknesses. Each child is encouraged to think for him or herself and to continue asking that all-important question ‘why?’.

At the heart of everything we do at KRMGS, lies a deep care of each child as an individual. It is this care and engagement with children’s learning that leads to teaching which is ‘inspirational’. We set our aspirations high, not through a culture of hot-housing, but through the underlying principle of instilling a love of learning that will stay with the children throughout the rest of their lives. We want them to become great learners who will go out into our complex and ever-changing world with confidence and the skills they need to make a positive difference. The philosopher Eric Hoffer said, “In times of change learners inherit the earth while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists”.

A genuine love of learning together with inspirational teaching in a caring and happy environment leads to exceptional results. This is what we strive to achieve at KRMGS and it is what makes it a very special place. We thank you for your expression of interest in K.R. Mangalam Global School and look forward to welcoming you and your family.

Suman Sharma



K.R. Mangalam Global School


“At KRMGS we believe that our students are capable of greatness and we ensure we provide the perfect space for them to grow in.”

At K.R. Mangalam Global School, we see well-rounded education as the only way to move towards a future of togetherness , synergistic growth and a global sense of community. We, also understand how crucial these formative experiences are to a child. With that in mind, we have a student – teacher ratio of 10:1, so that every voice finds the attention it requires to thrive. The school has been designed, keeping in mind the International Baccalaureate’s philosophy of helping students become global citizens.



KRMGS aims to provide 21st century education by being a forward thinking and high achieving co – educational school with a strong academic focus, excellent student support and a global outlook.

We Aim To:

  1. Enable every student to develop intellectual enquiry, an enthusiasm for life and a sense of service through which to gain confidence and fulfilment.
  2. Provide consistently excellent and exciting teaching and learning.
  3. Maximize academic results so that students achieve their full potential in examined qualifications.
  4. Offer varied and stimulating experiencesthat help to prepare students for the next stage of their education and the world beyond.
  5.  Be an educational community founded on values.
  6. Develop our staff to enhance the quality oftheir work and professional fulfilment.
  7. Promote the wellbeing of every student through personalized support and engagement with parents as partners in their children’s education.
  8. Enable all students to find and develop their talents in sport, the performing and creative arts, and the activities program.
  9. Develop our facilities to support progressive education and enhance school’s contemporary features.
  10. Create a school community which is safe, purposeful and a happy environment for the holistic development of every child.

Fostering Growth and Transformation

At KRMGS, young learners transform and grow through our International Baccalaureate programs. We are continuously pushing ourselves to find new ways to stretch talents, build confidence, and help learners find their unique voice. Our students emerge from their experiences standing taller, imbued with a strong sense of purpose and possibility.

  • Comprehensive reporting on individual achievement
  • Educational field trips and school presentations
  • Individual attention in a small-class setting
  • Learning programs to support individual needs
  • Opportunities to carry out scientific investigations
  • Positive learning environment for your child

Experiential Learning

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An Inclusive School

Child Protection

Distinctive Features of the School

A Student Teacher
Ratio of 1:12


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