Developing Personal & Pofessional Skills with an exposure to the working enviroonment

Career-related Programme (CP) is for students between the ages of 16-19. It is a framework developed for students who wish to engage in career-related learning in the final two years of secondary school. It provides them with an excellent foundation to support their further studies, as well as ensure their preparedness for success in the workforce. The two-year programme is accredited by Association of Indian Universities since September 2021.

To complement and provide context to students’ DP courses, the CP core emphasizes experiential learning to develop their personal and professional skills. It aims to equip students with the necessary interpersonal and problem-solving abilities which are not only desirable in the workplace, but also ensure their adaptability to an ever-evolving world. The career-related study, in conjunction with an external study provider, allows the students to have the freedom to explore industries which they may already have an interest in, and gain practical, insightful exposure to the working environment.

Distinctive Features

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Personal & Professional Skills

Developing students’ attitude & interpersonal skills in readiness for the workplace

Service Learning

A research-based module where students apply what they’ve learnt to a community need.

Reflective project

Reflective analysis of identifying & analyzing an ethical issue.

Language Development

In keeping with the IB’s international status, this module demands that students develop their communication skills in a second language.