Developing Personal & Professional Skills with an exposure to the working environment

K.R. Mangalam Global School is a Candidate School* for the Career-related Programme (CP). This school is pursuing authorization as an IB World School. These are schools that share a common philosophy—a commitment to high quality, challenging, international education that K.R. Mangalam Global School believes is important for our students.

The school offers two choices for Career Related Study (CRS) 1. Business Administration 2. Artificial Intelligence

Distinctive Features

The CP’s combination of life experience, work experience and a qualification make ideal candidates for many universities and employers. Students develop personal qualities and professional skills, as well as intellectual habits required for lifelong learning. The CP core components give context to the DP courses and the career-related study and draw all aspects of the framework together.

Personal & Professional Skills

Developing students’ attitude & interpersonal skills in readiness for the workplace

Service Learning

A research-based module where students apply what they’ve learnt to a community need.

Reflective project

Reflective analysis of identifying & analyzing an ethical issue.

Language Development

In keeping with the IB’s international status, this module demands that students develop their communication skills in a second language.