How do IB programs flourish capabilities in each child?

The sky’s the limit when it comes to learning with IB. Not just academically, but also intellectually, physically, and emotionally.

“Inquiring, knowledgeable and caring” is what we aspire to make our learners. This is possible only by supporting as well as enhancing their inherent capabilities. We believe that children in themselves are more than capable and talented. All they need is the right environment and they flower and bloom in the most attractive manner.

The child is the “focus”

IB gives its global learners the necessary advantage by helping them build up their critical thinking skills. The curriculum as well as the environment is such that the learners nurture their ability and curiosity which in turn helps them learn organically.

The education is not focused on getting marks but is child-centered.

Children become culturally, emotionally, and socially aware. The child therefore can engage and relate to the rapidly changing world because of the approach that IB undertakes.

Drivers of their learning

What is the difference between IB schools and other schools?

IB encourages its scholars to learn on their own by facilitating growth with the help of infrastructure, faculty, and curriculum.

The global approach that IB learners are taught helps them become the protagonists of their learning. Critical thinking and independence in thought are enhanced in children. Reiterating the most crucial point, IB completely recognizes the fact that children in themselves are lifelong learners and therefore are capable of driving their own growth. The correct environment provided at our school is what helps them.

Balanced growth

Best IB schools in Delhi are rightly famous for the best study curriculum as they are the most well-balanced and challenging course of study internationally. Life skills are developed in the learners and their capabilities flourish through an optimal learning and growth environment.

We believe that children in themselves are truly capable and unique. We only need to give them the right direction and tools which will help their growth and development. This can be academically, emotionally, culturally, and globally. The learners must be given the freedom to explore and learn with a strong support system that they find in IB schools.

This is how each child’s capabilities are nurtured at K.R. Mangalam Global School, G.K- I  – an IB authorised school.