Hindi Divas

On September 14, 2022, DP and MYP group went on an educational trip to “Qutub Minar” to celebrate Hindi Divas. The goal of the visit was to develop our students’ critical thinking skills and openness to cultural and linguistic exchanges through our history.
Students developed understanding as to how open-mindedness and knowledge contribute to the process of cultural development, which was our primary goal.
Many students were hesitant to go initially because they lacked a level of curiosity. They thought they were going to see a building or a monument, broken walls, a dump of bricks, and so on, but when they arrived, majority of them changed their minds.
Students observed the present through the lens of the past. Along with the change in language and the story of the birth of Hindi and Urdu with the arrival of the Mughals in India, they were also informed about the diversity of food culture traditions. The students concluded that not only one culture adopts another culture but both cultures develop together.