KRMGS aims to provide 21st century education by being a forward thinking and high achieving co – educational school with a strong academic focus, excellent student support and a global outlook.

We Aim To:

  1. Enable every student to develop intellectual enquiry, an enthusiasm for life and a sense of service through which to gain confidence and fulfilment.
  2. Provide consistently excellent and exciting teaching and learning.
  3. Maximize academic results so that students achieve their full potential in examined qualifications.
  4. Offer varied and stimulating experiencesthat help to prepare students for the next stage of their education and the world beyond.
  5.  Be an educational community founded on values.
  6. Develop our staff to enhance the quality oftheir work and professional fulfilment.
  7. Promote the wellbeing of every student through personalized support and engagement with parents as partners in their children’s education.
  8. Enable all students to find and develop their talents in sport, the performing and creative arts, and the activities program.
  9. Develop our facilities to support progressive education and enhance school’s contemporary features.
  10. Create a school community which is safe, purposeful and a happy environment for the holistic development of every child.