Why IB ?

  1. The International Baccalaureate programme aims to provide an education that enables children to become lifelong independent learners who are capable of making sense of the complexities of the world around them.
  2. The IB understands the relevance of global collaboration as it facilitates international mindedness, encouraging students to become aware of their own cultures, perspectives and identities as well as that of others.
  3. The understanding of different languages and cultures helps students to become well-rounded as they develop strong social and academic characteristics.
  4. Since IB schools are all over the world, it becomes easier for students to adjust in schools if they change schools frequently.
  5. This results in the development of IB attributes and nurturing characteristics like curiosity and compassion.
  6. Increased awareness and understanding of the world around them and its problems enables young individuals to develop 21st-century skills like critical thinking, problem-solving, decision making and communication. Students become capable of solving world problems and impacting society.
  7. IB students are not only more likely to perform better academically but also get recruited by high-ranking universities worldwide.

Salient Features of PYP

  1. Student Centric.
  2. Differentiated Learning.
  3. Focus on knowledge, skills and disposition.
  4. Assessment ‘for’, ‘as’ and ‘of’ learning.
  5. Trans disciplinary Learning.
  6. Constructivism
  7. Critical Analysis
  8. Language development through Play.
  9. Student agency honored.
  10. Student action is an integral part of the learning process.

Salient Features of MYP

  1. Assessment patterns support development of Critical Thinking and not rote learning.
  2. Active learning through Community Service.
  3. Emphasis on Project Based Learning that is more focused and assessment is criteria based. It is included in the final award of certificate.
  4. Greater Emphasis on Concept Based Learning rather than rote learning.
  5. More Balanced. Allows students to demonstrate their learning through coursework rather than just year-end exams or practical.
  6. Only Curriculum to support young learners to learn ‘citing and referencing’ and importance of ‘Academic Integrity’ very early in life.

Salient Features of DP

  1. Research and Application Based
  2. Tutors not required. Students required to demonstrate a balance in their work and study time.
  3. Nurtures Global citizens with world knowledge
  4. Data Booklet is provided to the student with formulas and values which the students uses to demonstrate understanding and application of the topic
  5. Coursework based where students are given ample choice to select their research area. Key challenge is quality of research assignment rather than quantity.
  6. Final result is grade points (IB provides equivalence certificate with converted percentage)
  7. Wider range of subject choices, combinations. Greater flexibility.