Township – The Role Play Centre

PYP learning spaces affect and reflect values and beliefs about learning. They play a role in shaping the culture of the learning community by facilitating certain ways of acting and interacting. Township is one such learning space, an environment that is child friendly and spreads positive vibes all around us!

Township offers a forum for students to improve their communication skills, as it encourages learners to express their ideas, thoughts and feelings in a conducive environment. An ideal platform for early years’ learners to enhance their skills, as they are able to gather an understanding of themselves and people around them. It is no wonder that the child therapists use role play as a therapy to help children going through difficult situations and even to treat conditions such as autism. By imagining, and connecting their bodies and minds, learners learn more deeply and meaningfully, especially in subjects like literacy, numeracy, and science.

Creative experiences guided by international curriculum and a well-researched pedagogy offers massive learning opportunities for young learners and make the learning process fun and easy.