Shikha Narula

 Shikha Narula. This is 2nd year as a PYP Facilitator. I am creative and passionate educationist and a life long learner, who firmly believes in providing quality education.I enjoy working with different learners and catering to their needs. I firmly believe in this quote by Jon C Maxwell, “To grow yourself, you must know yourself.” As a faciliator my objective is to provide learners free and a safe environment , which not only supports learning but helps learners understand and explore themselves to the fullest. Looking forward to a year full of learnings and experiences.

Email: shikha.narula@krmangalam.global


I am graduate from “Institute of Home Economics”( Delhi University) and post graduate in Mass Communication from “The Delhi School of Communication.”I have completed Bachleors of Education from M.D.U.Also,I am a PYP IB certified and National Geographic Educator, who strives to learn and grow as an educator and as an individual. I am inclined towards learning digital tools, which helps me enhance my creativity skills.And just recently, I got certified as Adobe Creative Educator which promoted me  to another level of teaching – learning.


Color: All Colors
Season: Winter
Drink: Ice Tea
Food: South India
Movie: La La Land
Sport: Football
Book: Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman
Subjects: Science, Maths, English, Art, Philosophy, Communication
Animal: All