Shailendra Gaur

Shailendra Gaur –  MYP Physical Education Facilitator. This is my 4th session as a MYP Teacher. My goal is to develop quality players for national and international  level . Develop interest at grassroot level for physical development among younger children and proper exercise and eating habits among older children. A  healthy and fit human being is effective or productive only if, he / she is useful to mankind. My key role as a physical education facilitator is  to ensure effective learning, share my knowledge and passion with the students and make them fall in love with sports. Sports is all around us. We just need to acknowledge it. With my best of knowledge I hope my students will enjoy and experience all game in broader ways. Looking forward to an exciting academic year. 
Email: shailendra.gaur@krmangalam.global


Sports has always been a part of my life.I earned my 3yrs Bachelor degree in Physical Education from ccs  University, Meerut and 2yrs Professional Degree in Physical education ( B.P.ED) From CCS university, Meerut. I earned my Master’s degree in Physical Education from Singhania University.  I am professionally certified D License football coach from All India Football Federation (AIFF) and C License Football coach from Asian Football Confederation (AFC). 


Color: Blue
Season: Winter
Drink: Tea
Food: Fish Curry
Movie: Goal
Sport: Football
Book: Essential of Physical Education
Subjects: Physical Education
Animal: Dogs