Nikita Taneja

 With 15 years of work experience in well-recognized international and progressive educational systems I have achieved a broader perspective and clear understanding of the significance of holistic development programs. I feel excited to meet new families, understand their thought process, resolve their concerns and assist them to get a better insight into the International Baccalaureate Continuum of Programs. I feel purposeful in educating them about our multi-faceted approach that includes visual, auditory, and hands-on practical learning along with theory to understand about the constantly changing world around children. I’m a lifelong learner because I always pick up new skills from my experiences. Academically, I’ve completed my MBA and I’m also a Gymboree Play & Music Advance Level Expert. I am an enthusiastic educator for parent-child program with a specialization in world music. I think that anything we set our sight on can be accomplished with hard work and moral integrity!