Stories From Around The World

Our enthusiastic Kindergarteners received a wonderful opportunity and an enriching experience to gain authentic knowledge about the culture, food, language, traditions from around the world through the story sessions. During the inquiry on “Stories around the world “, we were delighted to have storytellers from various parts of the globe who narrated stories from Spain, Australia, Russia, Pakistan, Maharashtra, Bengal, and Punjab. Each story session was followed by few reflection strategies like spotting the speaker’s country on the world map , ‘changing the ending of the story’, Illustrating character’s dress’, ‘Step- into the character’, ‘one word to the story’ . Our inquisitive learners developed and demonstrated the learner profile attribute of being ‘Open-minded’ as they showed keenness to learn about other cultures

Guest from Australia narrated the story “How Kangaroos Got The Tail”

Guest from Russia shared the story “Masha And The Bear

“ El Monstruo De Colores” – a story from Spain by a parent.

“Ganesha” , a folklore from Maharashta by a paren

Parent who shared the story from Bengal “Tuntuni Pakhi”

Guest from Pakistan presented the story “Podna Aur Podni”

“Four Friends” , a story from Punjab.