Speech & Drama Centre

The Speech and Drama programme is designed for learners to engage in a variety of spoken and performance forms. It aims to strengthen life skills in children and commensurate with IB philosophy to transform students through a dynamic cycle of inquiry, action, and reflection.

It encourages the students to perform and show knowledge and understanding of play extracts, poetry, and prose from different periods and in a range of styles. It provides vast scope for children to use their personal experiences of life and express them through creative drama performances.

Speech and Drama programme allows learners to enhance their verbal and non-verbal communication skills through drama performances, voice modulation, pronunciation, and projection. Engagements through physical and vocal warm-ups, story-telling, poem annotations, group discussions and drama give them a platform to strengthen their creative and critical thinking skills.

This programme intends to provide education using speech and drama as a tool. It captivates their attention, increases their engagement and participation in the activity and motivates the learners to be knowledgeable, communicators, problem-solvers, decision-makers, risk-taker, balanced and reflective.