Richa Malik’s award winning

“Teaching in a virtual environment was a fascinating experience that made me reconsider how I connected to my students.
In my lesson plan I have tried to add the activities which involve movement and hands on activities to make it more fun, interactive, and interesting for the young minds, so that children are just not sitting and listening, they will be engaged in the activities, whether it was using of online games or tools for assessment or story with puppets and voice modulation or dance and rhymes .I always try that, my plan gets students thinking and ask questions, tap into their background knowledge and build new skills.

I believe “Happy teachers make happy students” and success is more than just academic performance, it’s about our happiness and positive impact on others. I always try to make my class a happy place to be, where students are not only performing but also learning life skills.

Richa Malik
Homeroom Tutor
Grade: Nursery