Solo Taxonomy Date: 23rd January 2021

The objective of the workshop was to take up solo taxonomy in the sessions. Integrate one topic and design a solo model for the same and how to assess the same.

Student Agency Date: 30th January 2021

The objective of this workshop was to understand what is student agency and what pedagogies as a teacher we follow that helps giving students agency. This workshop focused on how Assessments, Feedback and Self-Efficacy helps in Student agency

Collaborative Planning on POI (Grade-wise) Date: 6th March 10:00 AM

The teachers collaborated to review the Programmeof Inquiry and discuss what went well and what was challenging for the students. The teachers also ensured that all the key elements of PYP were balanced. The specialist teachers collaborated with the homeroom and identify the scope for integration in the units.

POI Collaborative meeting Date : 20th March 8:00 am

Teachers had a collaborative meeting where they Reviewed POI 2021-2022 across all grades both vertically and horizontally and also mapped their curriculum with National curriculum.Key concepts were changed and were also aligned with the line ofinquiry.

Approaches to Learning Date: 30th March 8.00 AM

The objective of the workshop was to inquire into different approaches to teaching. The teachers explored the Gagne’s Nine Events Instructions to create effective learning experiences for the students. The teachers also used mentimeterto collaborate and unpacked the IB standards and Practices A few take-away from the session were-Lesson planning saves time It helps to assess student’s prior knowledge Makes teaching easier Helps teacher to be organized