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Our phenomenal faculty and staff are committed to the students they serve and the mission they model.
They embrace their role to inspire the next generation of creative changemakers.

Abha Hanspal

Diploma Programme/ Career Related Programme Coordinator.

I oversee all aspects of the Diploma & Career related programme at KRMGS with a passion to improve overall learning & teaching standards. After working with big four firms – E&Y and PwC for a number of years, I realized that my true calling was in the field of education where I took up teaching Economics & Business Management as my first assignment. Before joining KRMGS, I worked as IB Diploma Programme Coordinator & IB Examiner where I drove multiple initiatives to develop teaching practices & build effective assessment strategies for middle and senior school. Working with international educators over the years, makes me a firm believer in building independent learners. With a goal to prepare children to succeed in a global environment, I believe in connecting children to community around them through authentic, real world experiences, thereby creating socially responsible global citizens with strong values who contribute to future world. “

Surbhi Khanna

Middle Years Programme Coordinator.

My journey in the field of education started with the bachelors from Lady Shri Ram College followed by the internship with Sesame Street International, working with the content team on developing online tools and games for the learners. During my teaching career of over 6 years along with an experience of being an examiner , I have contributed significantly to the teaching community by sharing my knowledge on project-based learning, inquiry, flipped classroom, advocacy on honoring students’ choice and voice in learning and assessment, etc. This has helped me strengthen my belief in 'learning being a continuous process' and encouraging my learners to become independent, lifelong learners. My vision is to develop the Middle Years Programme at KRMGS with an approach of guided learning, with students' exploring and learning by exercising their agency. The classroom discussions and learning aiming at building interdisciplinary, real life and global connects. I strive to get the best of learning from my students by respecting their understanding, pace and differences, and craving out confident, socially responsible and perspective holding individuals.

Supriya Narula

PYP Coordinator

I, Supriya Narula began my journey in teaching in Primary School, 2 decades ago, and have been working in a reputed residential IB school in India for the last 15 years. I have traversed the continuum of teaching and learning from being a single-subject specialist, to a Home Room Teacher, a Grade Level Coordinator, CIS Chair, and now a PYP Coordinator. I have set systems and innovated various processes in my previous school and led them through Evaluation processes.I firmly believe in the power of vision and mission as core drivers of school culture and in the development of successful learning organisations. Vision-led schools in which collaboration, reflection, and democratic decision-making are the norms are best equipped to meet the changing demands of the 21st Century. I believe that children, when guided well, learn best in an environment of discovery, wonder, encouragement, and reflection. Given the right tools to understand and think about their learning, young people of all ages can be central agents in their own understanding and actions. The development of knowledge and understanding of the world has to be coupled with compassion and an awareness of the individual’s roles and responsibilities within their communities and beyond. Desire to succeed should be balanced with humility and a pluralist attitude toward others’ ideas and cultures. As educators, it is our role to help students identify talents and generate passion as well as nurture the skills, aptitudes, and attitudes that are necessary for their future lives. We should also act as role models for students to look up to in our actions and interactions with one another, displaying a love of learning and a deep sense of humanity. It is my pleasure and honor to be a part of KRMGS and I am looking forward to our next adventure, fulfilling experiences, and many accomplishments yet to come.

Nupur Sinha Agrawal

Curriculum Coordinator-PYP

An educator for more than 11 years with the IB curriculum . A B.A. (Political Science), B.Ed and MBA , having knowledge and understanding of the primary school with a special focus of the Early Years curriculum and Primary Years Program of the IB. A Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert and an Apple teacher, I have participated in several IB workshops and undertaken a course by London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts (LAMDA) on Communication and Performance. I have also moderated several workshops for teachers focussing on different aspects of the PYP. I resonate my thoughts with those of His Holiness Dalai Lama' Children are our greatest untapped resource' . A travel enthusiast , I like to drape sarees and read Indian fiction books.

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Priyanka Arora

certified as a Global Schools Advocate on behalf of the Global Schools Program, an initiative of the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN).

Harmeet Kaur

Harmeet Kaur is selected in top 12 educators at the UN – Lead teachers Awards