North India and Nepal Network of Schools

JOB ALIKE SESSIONS – April 24,2021

The North India Nepal Network of Schools organizes a Job Alike Session twice in a year. The virtual session for 2021 was organized on 24th April , 21 .The event witnessed a massive turnout as 390 participants from 35 IB schools, collaborated with each other, despite the tough times, to share the purpose of education.

K.R. Mangalam Global School contributed to the community by sharing its best practices in ‘Transdisciplinary Learning’, ‘Approaches to Learning in Early Years’ and ‘Social-Emotional Learning’ in school. Three moderators from our school conducted these sessions and shared samples of students’ works and strategies reflecting how we support student- learning in the virtual classrooms.

The sessions proved to be an enriching and informative experience for all participants. As they helped the educators understand the topics and how they can impact learning in the classroom.

Summary of the sessions –
· The Transdisciplinary Learning – Ms Neelam Oberoi ( Grade 3 facilitator) This session focused on sharing classroom examples and strategies to make learning relevant between, across and beyond subjects.

· Approaches to Learning in Early Years – Ms Priyanka Arora ( Grade 2 Homeroom facilitator ) This session gave insight to foster and support
the development of these skills by providing authentic learning experiences in the  Early years classrooms.

· Social-Emotional Well Being – Ms Harpreet (Grade 1 Homeroom facilitator) This session recognized the importance of nurturing the holistic well-being of all students