Learner Profile Date: 4th March 2021

This PD was used as an induction for the new MYP staff at KRMGS giving them a overview of the internal PD culture. This session also helped us to introduce the IB to the staff who were new to the programme. As part of the session, the teachers discussed the relevance of the Learner Profile and then worked in collaboration to fit the missing puzzle of each LP with their appropriate descriptors.

Key Concept and Related Concept Date: 5th March 2021

This PD session was organized by MYP PHE teachers. This session was a fun activity explaining the key concept and related concepts. Involving teachers to relate to movement, space, energy & choice as a related concept, “The Tag Game’’ had in play group dynamics, collaboration and the need for effective communication.

Global Context and Assessment Date: 9th March 2021

An activity on the barter system was organized by the MYP Individuals and Societies teacher which involved communication and collaboration skills of the involved teachers. It was used to explain the key and the related concepts of the subject which was further related to the Global Context and assessment. A detailed understanding of the Grade Descriptors was facilitated with the help of an activity relating the grades to the synopsis of the descriptor.

E-portfolio Date: 10th March 2021

The MYP Physical Education Teacher gave a presentation on e-portfolio and MYP E-assessment where he covered assessment criteria and included a small role play.

Basketball relay Date: 24th March 2021

Sports team organized a recreational activity ( ball passing relay) and circuit training. The Session started with static and dynamic warm up and later we explained the rules of the recreational activity. Everyone performed actively and enjoyed the session. At the End of the session we discussed the activity’s reflection where the learner agency was applied i.e. Choice, Voice and Ownership. Teachers were able to connect the activity with team building, collaboration, how to make strategies, energy was needed to play. They were also able to connect that communication is important, how to think critically, how to motivate and it also depends on the quality of players. Most importantly encouraging other’s ideas and having a positive perspective is needed to grow as an individual.

Mission and Vision Date: 1st April 2021

As an IB school, we at K.R. MangalamGlobal School understand that it is a mandate to align the school’s mission and vision to the IB mission. Addressing this, the MYP teachers organized a session with the school staff focusing on reviewing the school’s mission and vision. The teachers were divided in groups and were asked to reflect on how aligned is the school’s mission and vision to the IB mission statement. They were then to present their findings as a group and suggest the additions or alterations required. They also shared how they align their practices in the classroom to the IB mission statement. It was a learning experience where the difference in the perspectives was acknowledged by all.

Grading and HomeworkDate: 9th April 20211

This PD session was a presentation on IBDP grading and homework, where the teachers had a discussion on grading system and their achievement scale and homework.