Literacy Workshop

KR Mangalam Global school welcomed the parent community and empowered them with an encouraging Literacy Workshop which was designed to complement the IB Standards by providing strategies that enabled the parent and help students with augment other learning activities.

The workshop walked parents through an inquiry into ‘How we achieve a Balanced Literacy Approach through Inquiry’ wherein the parents-built connections between how they learnt to read and write back in their times. Parents shared their thoughts and ideas during this interactive session and were engaged in ​classroom experiences which took them through engagements using different reading and writing strategies used in the classrooms including Read Aloud, Word work, Shared reading, Shared writing, Guided and Independent writing.
The parents were happy to share how they learnt about the importance of various aspects of language, different strategies they can use to support their child’s literacy development and how all aspects of literacy are interlinked to one another.