Learning Environment

Preparing and Creating a Learning Environment

The excitement of getting into a classroom is always overwhelming for a learner. We cater to this excitement by providing our young learners with a lively and enriching classroom environment.
We look into the following aspects of the classroom environment to provide a new temple of learning to our young learners:

Considering the needs of all learners
When we set up our classrooms, we test out its seating arrangement, classroom colour schemes, display boards and other articles of necessity to provide a comfort zone to our learners.

Create Curiosity
New children are always keen to get to know their teachers and their personality, so that they can seek mother figures in them and don’t feel hesitant in sharing their ideas with their teachers. We train our teaching staff to accept these young minds whole-heartedly and build their curiosity by maintaining interesting mementoes on their desk or through the learners’ favourite books in their reading area to start conversations and build rapport.

Resist the urge to create the finished article
Everyone wants to “wow” their new class with their beautiful learning environment, but one has to remember that it belongs to learners as much as it to them. We believe that every classroom should grow along with its children. Hence, we ensure that we have space in every classroom for our learners to put up their stamp on it.