The IB strongly recommends that the library system of people, places, collections and services—or what is referred to as the library/ian—be designed to support and energize academic learning, service learning, and social and emotional support for the community. At KRMGS the library is directly represented in curriculum planning and development in the school community.

At KRMGS Library does purposeful collaboration between leaders, teachers, learners and library staff, with the community’s needs at the centre. These open, meaningful conversations can transform how the library aids and extends learning and teaching.

“The library is an integral part of the student’s learning process. Students are educated and trained to select age and learner’s level appropriate books, e-resources, magazines, and journals to aid their research and learning. The Library is the hallmark of collaborative learning and research cum investigative activities by using computers with fast Internet access for both, the teachers and the learners. The students are provided conducive environment and didactic as well as technical support to uphold all the attributes of the learner profile of the IB Programme in their learning process.

The list of support functions in the Diploma Programme Extended Essay is almost endless. The Librarian helps students’ teaching just in time courses on research and citation skills and by procuring related knowledge products, which are often web-based (such as guides to citation and bibliography construction).

Providing a live collection of past essays is a powerful tool for students facing a daunting academic challenge, while additional support takes in everything up and including help with the abstract-writing requirement.