Global Play Day

1- Early Years
“Play is the highest form of research- Albert Einstein”
Students of K R Mangalam participated in ‘Global School Play Day’ where they played without screens, structure, and interference and experienced global play.
The play builds creativity, imagination, problem solving skills, communication skills, positive peer relationships, empathy and more… All things our world desperately needs. Global School Play Day is more than just a day of play. It’s a day of acknowledgment that play matters, that kids need play, that our society has forgotten what childhood​ all is about. This is affirming the child’s right and need to play.
Pre-Nursery students participated in role play and shared their favourite toys.
Nursery students displayed sheer perfection by showcasing play of all sorts like outdoor play, play with loose parts and pretend play.
Kindergarten students were divided into groups and played with their toys like Legos and blocks to create things like dragons. They also arranged a play date with their community friends and used toys to be a part of pretend play. 
Grade 1 students got engaged in role play and built connections with their buddies.Kudos to all the children for doing a fabulous job and being a good sport!
No pandemic will ever stop children from playing!
2 – Upper Primary
Global Play Day is a day dedicated to letting ‘children be children’ . And surely,  the learners made use of unstructured play time within their school hours,  to the fullest . Their family members showed enthusiasm as they too indulged in play, without using any gadgets or digital devices. Needless to say,  play is not just about fun , but is important for the wholesome development of our children and developing the 21st century skills in them.