DUSSHERA Celebration

Dussehra celebrates Ram’s victory against Ravan, Lanka’s demon king . KRMGS students celebrated Dussehra with lot of zeal and enthusiasm. Our Nursery grade students displayed sheer amount of talent as they spoke beautifully about their character they were impersonating. Kindergarten students prepared a chart where they used their thinking skills to write things they know about Dussehra, things they want to know and things they found similar to the celebration followed by enhancing their creativity skills by making Ravan using recycled objects. Our curious Grade 1 students watched Dussehra video followed by displaying their understanding by engaging in colour, symbol and image visual thinking routine. Grade 2 learners watched a story on Vijayadashami and shared their understanding that this day is celebrated as a victory of good over evil. The takeaway from the story was to inculcate the good qualities of Ravana in our lives. Our Grade 3 learners celebrated victory over evil by dancing on Dandiya beats. Grade 4 learners engaged themselves into a brainstorming session of ‘What they knew about the festival before’ and ‘How has it changed their thinking now’. Learners of Grade 5 reflected their learning from Dusshera festival through a mind map. They learnt that knowledge and intelligence should be used in a constructive way and if it used to put a bad use, it leads to destruction. They connected with their unit of inquiry on Peace and conflict and agreed that war is not a solution to resolve the conflicts and we should maintain peace throughout the world.