Day Care

“It takes a village to raise a child”, Hillary Clinton may have said it, but no one understands it more than a parent looking for quality Day-Care. K.R. Mangalam provides care and supervision of a child or multiple children under the Day Care facility in a safe, stimulating, secure, healthy, positive and learning environment, understanding the immense need of parents who are in the workforce. Balancing work and parenting is a challenge that many working parents face today.

The Day Care offers a program that covers all aspects of Child Development (Physical, Motor, Emotional, Social, Language and Cognitive development) under the supervision of a highly qualified staff of Care Givers so that parents have the peace of mind of knowing their children are safe while they work.

Children are divided into age-appropriate groups which ensures suitable care for children to socialize and learn in a loving environment structured around their needs and comfort. Music and Movement, Speech and Drama, Physical Education, Art and Craft, Free Play and Nature walk are the highlights of the program.