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Physical Exercise is the Key to Brain Health

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With the pandemic world shrunk into indoors, it is being really hard to find the space and convenience to get enough physical activity outdoors. And if the situation seems bad for adults, it is even worst for children whose outdoor playtime has come to a complete standstill. While it might be frivolous to think of physical exercise as something so important for children even amid the pandemic, it actually is.The thing is that everybody knows that physical exercising is good for bodily health, but most of us brush off the fact that it also helps the tiny tot’s brain to stay sharp.

Do you know your kid is actually getting a brain boost every time he dons his sneakers and hits the playground? It has already been a year since our kids are brought under the lockdown, and they may need a re-introduction to the playground activities once the schools reopen. However, keeping in mind their physical and brain health, it is indeed crucial to give them the much-needed exposure to physical exercises even in the confines of home.

The general health benefits of physical exercise aren’t hidden from anyone, but the need is to understand that in growing children, physical exercise reflects remarkably in brain development. And on that note, we, at K.R. Mangalam Global School, an esteemed international board schools in Delhi,will shed more light in this article today on the different ways in which a young brain benefits through physical exercise.

Direct impact on academic growth  

Physical activity has positive effects on brain functionalities on multiple fronts, subsequently enhancing their academic learning skills. Several researches have shown that physically fit children have better motor ability of the brain, which means the balance of the body and coordination. This is greatly associated with their ability to process language skills, especially written texts and verbal pragmatic abilities.

Helps improve the attention span

It is true that the increasing exposure to digital screens has been significantly affecting the attention span in children. In today’s modern age, children’s average attention span has come down to 15-30 minutes or even less as they are too impatient to concentrate and learn. However, the children who exercise regularly are more embracing towards the repetition of the same actions for several minutes of time. These kids are better at concentrating on a task without rushing, which translates into better attention span.

Boosts memory and thinking skills

Studies have shown that children who regularly indulge in some sort of physical exercise have a bigger hippocampus region in their brains compared to those who do not. The Hippocampus region plays a key role in turning experiences into memories. This thereby helps the kids to remember the lessons learned for a longer period of time. Apparently, that’s why kids with nimble feet have nimble brains too.

In short, the need is to get the children moving not only for their general well-being but also to instill the practice in a generation that is increasingly focusing only on the virtual world. Hence, one of the greatest gifts you could give to your child is to let them exercise in some form regularly as it will help them grow up with optimal brain agility. The right diet and a well-honed body can bring out the best in children, and we know that as parents, this is exactly what you want for your kids.

This is why we, at K.R. Mangalam Global School, encourage our students to become active, compassionate, and life-long learners. We believe that the true purpose of education is not only to educate but alsoto inspire children towards achievement. And that would happen only when the children are provided with opportunities for holistic growth. At K.R. Mangalam Global School, we provide our students with a regular dose of academics and extracurricular activities that help pave the path for them to become physically as well as mentally competent. This, thereby, helps to set the tone for their promising years ahead.

Being one of the leading international board schools in Delhi, we, at K.R. Mangalam Global, have inculcate physical activities like dance, skating, martial arts, gymnastics, yoga, and much more to let our students partake in the physical activities of their choice. Regular involvement in physical activities not just helps to bring about an improvement in the physical health and development of kids but also aids them in acquiring crucial learning skills of critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity. At K.R. Mangalam Global School, we are driven to create an empowered, inspired, and progressive community of learners capable of conquering the world with their knowledge and cognitive ability. And physical exercise is indeed the surest way to ensuring the same for our young fledglings.

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