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Parents are the Best Positive Influencers for their Kids

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Parents are the Best Positive Influencers for their Kids

There’s no denying that parents hold a special place in a child’s life. Whether the child is in his/her toddler years or the teens, parents always remain the ultimate source of inspiration, encouragement, positivity, creativity, and growth for them. After all, right from the moment the kids open their tiny twinkling eyes, it is the parents who become the world to them. Parents thus have a major impact on shaping the behaviour, attitude, and beliefs of the kids.

Whether you know it or not, each day your children learn from you. It is you, the parents, who are their role models, and right from the way you speak to the way you walk, nothing gets past the eyes and mind of the little ones. The impact of parents is so huge on kids that it can be none other but the parents who can actually play the role of positive or negative influencers in the life of children. And while none of the parents wish to negatively influence the apples of their eyes, it often happens unknowingly.

At K.R. Mangalam Global School, GK-I, one of the best IB board schools in Delhi, we believe that parents have the enormous potential to set their children on the right path by being their biggest positive influences. The key is to just remain mindful of your actions and words. So today, we are sharing in this article below a few ways in which you can ensure that you stand as the best positive influences for your kids to keep guiding and leading them on the right path in life.

Keep a positive attitude

First thing first – You can’t be the positive influencers for your kids if you yourself don’t keep a positive attitude in life. Hence, be optimistic and make sure that the same positivity reflects in the way you talk and act around your kids. There’s no denying that you are the role models for your kids, and they rely on you the most. So, use your aura to teach them the crucial life skills of empathy, respect, and humility. This will help your child learn the art of not only being positive but also attracting all the positivity around them.

Showcase kindness and compassion

Your simple acts of kindness, like feeding the birds in the garden, offering food and water to the stray dogs, distributing gifts among the street children on your child’s birthday, and more alike, can teach your kids big lessons about embracing kindness and compassion as a way of life. At K.R. Mangalam Global School, GK-1, we have seen that when parents themselves indulge in acts of kindness, their children are more likely to spontaneously absorb the lessons on morals, ethics, value, compassion, and empathy. Thus, when doing can be a way of teaching, spare no scope, seize every opportunity, and make full use of it.

Include the child in family discussions

It often happens that parents choose to keep the kids purposely away from family discussions so as to not let any sort of stress touch their tender minds. Though such gestures indicate the caring and loving nature of parents towards their kids, the fact is that not making the children a part of family discussions actually doesn’t do them any good. This way, children become too fragile to handle any kind of stress, and they get negatively impacted even if a minor issue comes in their path. It is hence always advised to include your children in your family discussions and conversations. Ask them for their suggestions, and do not stay back from getting those suggestions into action as and when you can.

At K.R. Mangalam Global School, GK-1, a renowned IB board school in Delhi, we have always maintained that children are like moulding clay, and parents play an active, and indeed the most crucial role, in giving them the best possible shape. A little bit of strategic approach, implemented with a positive outlook, can work as the magic potion that the young minds need to stay safe from all the negative influences. Hence, keep hold of your patience and calm, and we are certain that with all the love and care you have in your heart for your kids, you’ll surely be able to guide them onto the path of optimism, positivity, and success.

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