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IB Diploma – Laying a New Benchmark for Heading to Higher Education

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Education has always been a dynamic domain. With time, it has morphed its ways and techniques to match the demand of the day. The increasingly digitalized world of today needs the young minds to get prepared for the ongoing advancements happening at the global level, and there’s no denying that the educational framework has to be at par with the needs. This is the reason why at K.R. Mangalam Global School GK-1, a renowned IB board school in South Delhi, we have never left any stones unturned in our attempts to keep up with the latest teaching methods and education trends.

While we have always focused on the holistic development of each of our students, integrating progressive learning methods to lift our education system to the international level has always been one of our commitments. And one of our steps in doing so has been integrating the IB Diploma Programme, which most of the Universities of the world recognize today. The association of Indian universities credited us with the prestigious recognition of the IB Diploma back in 1983. And since 2016, we have been conducting IB courses successfully, adding wings to the higher study prospects of our students. We feel proud that many of our students who have completed IB Diploma and pursued higher studies are now accomplished names in their domains of work.

If you go through the “Guidance Of university recognition In India” link, you will find several reputed universities in this list that have extended their written support in the form of documented approvals. Thus, no wonder pursuing the IB DP can edge up the profiles of the students in the global scenario. Also, since most foreign universities recognize this degree, your child’s aspirations to study abroad will also have higher chances of turning into a reality.

Benefits of Pursuing IB Diploma

An IB Diploma simply enhances the acceptance of your child’s candidature across the universities. No matter which board your child has attended so far, an IB diploma will always scale up his/her profile manifold. It is a known fact that students with an IB diploma experience more acceptance in all the Universities. Hence, the scope of your child’s career would definitely widen up after pursuing this diploma. Besides enhancing the opportunities for higher studies and scholarships, this course also introduces students to a global educational framework. Therefore, coping with the international standard of education becomes easier for IB diploma holders. The very approach of this course is based on grooming the learners into comparatively more knowledgeable and liberal-minded individuals.

K.R. Mangalam Global’s Expert Counselling Cell at Work

Choice of subjects plays a critical role in determining the overall effectiveness of the degree. If you are worried about the specific subject combinations that will help your child carve a brighter path for the future, our counseling cell at the K.R. Mangalam Global School campus will help you select the best ones. Our dedicated counselors offer in-depth analysis of how a student can benefit by opting for certain subject combinations.

Also, in case of applying to the universities within India and abroad, the veteran counselors can offer their valuable guidance to the aspirants. If pursuing a medical degree is on your mind, these experts can also guide you through the process and help you pick the easiest yet most effective subject combinations. While a few extra subjects can always help you hone your skills, these will have little impact on your scores. Hence, consulting the experts before opting for any such experimental combination for your IB diploma would be a smarter move.

At K.R. Mangalam Global School GK-I, an esteemed IB board school in South Delhi, we believe that developing the capacity to adapt in any social sphere and embrace the rising educational standards is essential in today’s world. After all, the open economy markets look for individuals capable of adapting to any variety of culture, environment, and work in any part of the world. And the IB programme can indeed work to lay a robust foundation stone for your child’s career.

We, at K.R. Mangalam Global, are driven to make sure that each of our students not only grows holistically well in all spheres but also secure admission in the most reputed universities in India and abroad. And this is where our IB Diploma programme has emerged as a big-time aid for our pupils. The state-of-the-art infrastructure, the experienced teachers, consistently advancing teaching methods, and the liberal learning environment make K.R. Mangalam Global School one of the leaders in the education arena.

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