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How To Write a Successful Term Paper?

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How To Write a Successful Term Paper at KRMGS

 As I work on evaluating student papers for May 2021 session for Business Management, it feels so connected to stumble upon a student perspective on writing papers and the strategies to do it well; one of which being chalking out a backward timeline. One of the key skills that students develop in the DP is to be able to balance their time while they work on their submissions. The IB prescribed criteria that I use for evaluating student submissions allows for assessing students’ ability to write an academically structured paper and not just a great piece of writing. Of course, its browny points if one can demonstrate exceptional critical thinking skills, however creating an action plan, spending time on integrating your ideas, building arguments, synthesizing your work to come to a suitable conclusion is what it takes a student to get there. Having gone through such a process of writing, I have no doubt about how this assists our students in completing university papers with ease thereby allowing greater scope for depth rather than just the essentials of academic work.

Reference : https://blogs.ibo.org/blog/2021/03/31/how-to-write-a-successful-term-paper/

 Abha Hanspal

MYP & DP Coordinator

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