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How to Capture Your Child’s Attention?

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What do you do when your kids don’t listen to you or keep on doing the same thing over and over again despite you asking them not to do it? Don’t you end up raising your voice? Most parents today are accustomed to their voice gaining volume when they want their kids to behave and follow instructions. However, despite all the yelling and shouting, most of them get zero cooperation from their tough tiny tots. As such, it could be more than infuriating for parents to capture their child’s attention without yelling. But what if we tell you that you can actually capture your child’s attention without having to shout or yell? At K.R. Mangalam Global School, one among the leading IB Schools in Delhi, we believe that with a little effort and love, you can very well hardwire your kids to positive attention and positive control. And here, we have a few proactive strategies that would help you in this regard.

Identify and understand

The first thing you need to do is to understand and figure out why you end up yelling at the child. Does he ignore you and focus on something else that he wants to? Does he make you repeat instructions several times till you finally lose your temper? Does it happen on all occasions or at specific behavior that he repeats regularly? Identify your point of conflict, and then try to figure out how you may deal with it without having to lose your cool.

Give undivided attention

You cannot deny the fact that children crave attention and power. However, when you find your kid ignoring your words even after repeatedly talking to him, you might have to reflect on your own actions. Do you ignore your child while attending calls or during your household chores? If so, they get it from you, of course! Never let a child feel ignored. Give them undivided attention every time they seek for it. Even when you ignore them amid your hustle-bustle life, apologize without reserve and try to talk to the kid in a convincing tone to explain the reason. It might sound bland, but honest discussions and apologies always work like a charm. Earn your child’s respect by showing it to the little individual he is. He will definitely give you attention the next time you want him to do something.

Avoid saying “no” whenever possible

It could be so easy for parents to blurt out “no” when your little one asks for something. But remember, before you respond to them, keep an eye on their feelings and weigh the situation. Of course, you cannot break the boundaries and rules you set, but if your kid is asking for an evening walk or have a snack or share some time with neighbors, try not to deny their requests. Remember, practicing to say yes instead of ‘no’ in such situations can go a long way in establishing positive attention in the child.

Pick and choose your battles

Parenting can be tough and challenging at times. So always choose when and where to battle. When your child gives you reasons to yell, see if the situation truly demands that sort of response. If not, calm down and ignore their behavior for good so that your obstinate child gets the message right away that you don’t yell for unnecessary things. And when you do, it is a matter of concern. That being said, there are times when you have to be strict. But even when your child’s behavior warrants disciplining, do it with a gentle yet firm attitude.

At K.R. Mangalam Global School, recognized among the best IB Board School in Delhi, we firmly believe that the parenting style of parents holds the key to not only making the children learn positive behaviors but also take them out of any behavioral deadlocks. We would hence like to suggest you to trace out the fine line between stubbornness and determination and stay supportive to tune them towards positive behaviors. Provide them with a nurturing and caring environment that enables your little one to think individually and independently, and it would then eliminate any need for you to yell to capture your child’s attention.

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