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Dealing with the Queries of Your Curious Little Child

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Education is a process that allows a mind to grow hungrier for knowledge over time. And to that end, asking questions is the first step of getting ready to learn. Following the remarks and inferences laid by people who devoted their entire life finding the answers is not the purpose of education. Instead, encouraging the curiosity every child is born with to further the ways already laid by the erstwhile scholars makes education useful.

Tagore once mentioned in one of his timeless works that the day when no poets will emerge, all the poets of the previous time shall die. At K.R. Mangalam Global School, a renowned IB School Near Me, we believe that the old course of knowledge should impel the current learners to build their own castles of knowledge to explore new paths and set new benchmarks. And this process of exploring and learning starts with asking questions.

Hence, never stay back from encouraging your little buds to ask questions. If you, the parents, whom the kids trust the most, do not respond to the queries of your curious little ones, they will never be able to realize their true potential. However, we have seen that many parents often find it pretty difficult to deal with the constantly popping up questions of their children. On that note, we have brought forth for you today an insight into the key things that you must keep in mind while dealing with your kids’ queries.

Hold your patience

Answering your child’s never-ending queries can be tiring at times. With all the household chores to be done and thousands of other work commitments queued up, your little one’s questions might appear as shooting cannons to you at times. But the thumb rule is never to lose patience no matter what. Responding harshly or ignoring the queries will result in fewer queries in the future, sometimes no queries at all. And this is definitely not a good thing for your child’s psychological development.

Children have a sensitive heart, and when they feel neglected or not heard, they might ultimately give up questioning. This will only nip the possibilities in the bud and hinder the process of their emotional and intellectual growth. Do not say, “I don’t have time for all these,” or “I can’t talk to you now.” Instead, respond in an open-ended manner with something like, “Can we talk about this later? I think we have much to discuss regarding this.”

Answer as much as you can and try to stick to facts

The first thing a person must learn is that no one can know everything. Knowledge is an ocean of which we know only a tiny part. If your child comes up with a new query every other time, try to answer them as much as you know. Never offer them a vague answer or an incorrect or unverified one just to get rid of their queries.

If you do not know the answer, admit the same and find the solution from the internet or books together with your child. Knowing that you take as much interest in learning things he/she wants to know, your little one will find a learning companion in you and will come up with more questions, feeding his/her hunger for knowledge unknowingly.

Introduce your child to the world of online and offline books

Your personal knowledge might not be enough to answer all your child’s queries all the time. This is why, at K.R. Mangalam Global School, an esteemed School in Greater Kailash, we believe that introducing kids to books at an early age can be helpful for them to find the solutions they might be looking for. Today, with the internet taking the world by storm, you can also teach your child to find solutions online. If your child is too young for all these, find the answers yourself and interpret those to your child in an age-appropriate way. Books are not only helpful for finding solutions, but at times, these could also be the source of further inquiry and inspiration.

At K.R. Mangalam Global School, we firmly believe that the more curious, skeptical, and questioning a child becomes, the more knowledge he/she explores or gathers over time. If holistic development and improved analytical abilities are what you wish to instill in your kid, try to deal with their queries positively and encourage them to come up with more questions. This will encourage the inherent inquisitiveness of your child and help to nourish their intensity of curiosity and innovation.

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